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Interested In Working With Shea & Taking On His Coaching?  

Here is a page with real student
testimonies who have worked directly with Shea & followed his advice. These people reaped the direct benefit of having a mentor. Discover the proof here.

Your Mentor

@sheasliter on instagram

@crowm.unlimited & @theincomebroker 

  • 24 years old 

  • Self employed since age 18

  • 80k + follower network

  • Built & sold

  • 5 Successful streams of income 

  • Based in the USA

  • Personally mentored over 200 people 

  • ++7 figure closer

  • Invested close to 50k in mentorship 

  • Loves the outdoors & Challenges

  • Author of 2 books & 3 courses 

  • CEO -

  • Online sales training & recruiting authority 

Watch This Case study 

"II wasn't sure what I wanted before speaking with Shea. Now I am Clear ! "

"It was nice to speak to someone like Shea & get real life feedback. I was doubting myself up until I started working with Shea. He so good at building up my belief."

"After 45 minutes I had a revamp of motivation and I immediately took action on what Shea told me to do. later that week I closed 3 huge deals! "

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